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We welcome you on the nature trail “Valley of the Hasiny-brook at Lipenec”. This path is a selected and adapted part of a tourist trail leading through this scientifically interesting area. It is located in an agriculturally intensively utilised country near the way from Louny to Žatec. After Lipenec the road crosses the Hasina-brook and here the trail begins. At the right bank of the road the brook eroded its valley into which the path descends. The whole path is about 1,5 km long and the walk along of it will take about 50 minutes. Information panels situated on 10 places inform the visitor about the flora and fauna of the surrounding area and the geological and palaeontological interesting features of this place as well. With regard to the natural development of the vegetation the best time for your visit will be between April and September. In the course of the last century the surroundings of Lipenec became a well-known geologic locality. In the sandy and clayey sediments the representatives of about 50 different plant groups had been found, 40% of which were pteridophyte ferns, 20% gymnosperms and 40% angiosperms growing about 65 Million years ago. In the Mesozoic sediments at Lipenec not only impressions of small animals, e. g. ammonites, echinoderms and molluscs had been found, but also remains of greater animals as, e. g., of sharks which preserved their Mesozoic appearance till now. The richness of the fauna and flora in the area along of the banks of the brook depends not only on the existence of a spectrum of different biotopes in this small area but also on a functional habitat corridor in which plants and animals can migrate from the warmer lowland at the Ohře-river to the cooler area of the Džbán hills. Several of the species found have here the boundaries of their s pread. The anomal character of this area is proved also by the 46 species of fungi, 75 of bryophytes, 35 of lichens, 300 plants, 320 invertebrates and more than 70 species of vertebrates detected in the area of less than 12 hectares. Several of the species, mainly bryophytes and lichens (Chaenotheca furfuracea, Thelocarpon sp.) had been found in the Czech Republic only on this locality.  To the important species found here belong the Adonis Flower, Danish and Austrian Milkvetch, Anthericum, Grape Hyacinth, and the Purple Mullein. Particularly the entomofauna is highly interesting, a jewel among the birds is the kingfisher. The nature trail was established between 1982 and 1989 by the members of the Czech league of Nature Protection at Louny which maintain the trail till now. In 1992  the Ecological Education Centre Lipenec was opened and in 1998 an overall reconstruction of the trail including its technical and information equipment took place. The trail is dedicated to the commemoration of František Štván, geologist and teacher at Louny which was the among the first scientific companions of young people in this valley. All the specialists and lowers of Nature cordially invite you to visit this piece of untouched Nature which  in their free time they opened for you.